Thursday, August 13, 2015


It's A Bummer We Even Have To Dedicate A Summer To Justice
But The Thrust Is
That Justice For Just Us
Simply Doesn't Become Us
So Let's Take Stock Of Just What Has Become Of Us...

To Rally For Justice For All Is A Must
But Rather Than Just To Complain, You Can Trust
We'll Actually Address HOW The System Went Bust
& We Don't Mean That Euphemistically,
We'll Tell You With Gust:
The Evidence Is Real-
Survivors Will Tell You With Zeal
So Why Does It NEVER Get Heard In The Court Of Appeals?
Or Perhaps You Meant The Court Of Appellate?
Just What IS The Difference By How They Would Tell It?
And Was It Within Lethal Range When LEO Shot That Beanbag Pellet?
Just What IS A Judge's Cafeteria Payment? 
And No I'm NOT Yelling-
But It Sure Sounds Like The First Amendment You're Selling...
And Now... 

I'm Being Removed...
Excessive Force...
And Now I'm Being Abused...
Denied My Right To A Phone Call Now I'm Being Confused...
I Want My Mommy And Lawyer And Now I'm Being REFUSED...
Now I'm ReFramed & ReCaptioned Front Page Of The News
Not Brought To Court Till There's No More Sign Of A Bruise
You Don't Have To Read The Constitution To See Through The Ruse
Of A Prison Industrial Complex Privatized- Correctional Officers Sanctioning Lies,
Obstructing Of Justice Whenever Someone In Custody Dies...
Meanwhile Public Schools Are A Joke
And Why Do They Keep Sending Our Underprivileged Youth To The Poke?
You Still Say You Don't See The Connection?!
How We Care For The Most Vulnerable IS Our Own Reflection.

Well, We're Not Gonna Fall For It
OR Build Another Prison Wall For It
What Do You Mean We Already Did???
What Do You Mean Since Rumsfeld Was A Kid???
What Do You Mean Detroit Sold To China 
And No One Else Was Allowed Even To Bid???
Okay Maybe Not That Last Part, 
But May My Rhyming Be A Mouse Fart
In The Akashic Record, Still Audibly There-
Somewhere After Sartre, Our Existence Laid Bare-
Are You Listening?
Can You See Opportunity Glistening?

We Refuse Consent To This.
We'll Resist Without A Fist
And The Offenders Will Simply Cease And Desist.
You Wonder, But How Could That Be?
& What IS The Twist?

Instead Of A War Of Tugging, It's A Tug Of Peace:
The Best Way To Win Is To Simply Release.
With The Beauty Of This, 
That The Weight Of The Beast And Their Burden
Will Knock Them Right Off Their Own Feet!
Karmic Retribution Never Tasted So Sweet.
Persist O Ye Righteous
On The Field We Shall Meet
Marching Alongside Thousands Of Feet
Awaiting For A Count Of One, Two, And Three...
We The People - That'd Be You And Me,
Standing Tall, Passing A Torch Or A Ball,
We'll Exercise Our Dominion Before The Whispers Of Fall
THIS Summer We Right Justice For One And For All.

Monday, March 16, 2015


Judicial Immunity is not just for Judges.  Instances of #PoliceBrutality without Indictments, #FalseArrests simply to intimidate or quash #FreeSpeech, & #ProsecutorialMisconduct are all examples of #AbuseOfPower hiding behind #JudicialImmunity.

The video documentary, A Mother's Plea For Justice, made by the family of filmmaker/activist Melissa Balin, is an empirical record of Human Rights Violations exerted under the Color of Law that should shock the conscience of any Oathkeeper, but instead are #Monell violations intentionally incurred by government officials for more than two decades.

If you agree that #JudicialImmunityIsALemon please sign and share the petition asking the Senate and House Judiciary Committees to appoint a subcommittee to investigate the rampant abuse of Judicial Immunity:


#JudicialImmunityIsALemon powered by Women Seeking Justice.

Monday, February 9, 2015

#Walk2Know Is A Great Way 2 #StayOccupied

Not Telling People What’s In Their Food?

See, We’re Not Doing That.
Not Even Pursuing That
I see you wearing your how much interest’s accruing hat-
But It Just Wouldn’t Be Ethical Doing That.
So We’ll Agree To Not Even Purviewing That.

With A Show of How Far We’re All Willing To Go
For OUR #RightToKnow
On T-shirts and Car Magnets and Shoelaces Tied in a Bow…
We Pledge Miles to the Cause Wherever We Go
You Can Find Us Under the Hashtag #TeamWalk2Know
It’s True We Don’t Have Anywhere Near The Dough of Monsanto
But Our Strength Is In Numbers, #Trending An Undertow

Besides- There’s No Real Reason Not To Be FOR It,
Between Us On The Low-
Whatever Science Isn’t Sure Yet, We Say WOAH- WOAH- WOAH!
Even Monsanto’s Executives Kids
Have The Shared Right To Know
What’s Inside Their Food Or From What Ground Did It Grow?

It’s Not That We’re “ANTI” Synthetic-
Just That It Would Be Pathetic To Label It “Natural”
And We Want Congress To Know That We Won’t Accept No
And If They Fail To Respond We’ll Serve Them a Warranto Quo
This Is Not A Partisan Issue Split Friend Or Foe
But It Does Threaten
To Turn Out Like Some Tale by Edgar Allen Poe
If the Raven that quoth “Nevermore” in OUR story
GMO’d into a Crow…

So, We Support Taylor Lancaster in the #Walk2Know
As he heads to the East and off towards the Snow
Exercising Our Right To Let People Know
About YOUR Right To Know
Whether your last name is Biden
or you’re a plumber named Joe.
It’s Not Just Our Farmers Who Reap What They Sow.
Pesticides Don’t Just Stay On The Lawn That You Mow
We Want To Know Which Ingredients Are Which
And Some People Have Allergies SO…

Just #LabelIt
And Stop Having A HissyFit. 
People Still Eat McDonald’s Fries
& Knowing That List Of Chemical Ingredients
Doesn’t Deter Them One Bit.

Whatever A Product Is Made Of On The Label MUST Show.
Give Thanks To All Who Observe Our Natural Right To Know.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

#FourWordStoryChallenge Virtual #OxfamJam

@oxfamamerica #February Virtual #OxfamJam 4 #SocialJustice

Social Justice NOT JustUs.

#FourWordStory #Challenge
#TagAFriend. #poetsofinstagram
#TweetUp curated by @melissabalin

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Miscarriage Of Justice Foetry Book Review Copy

Fotos & Poetry by Melissa Balin are being released as a collection entitled, Miscarriage Of Justice for FREE download as a Review Copy #PDFTribute to #AaronSwartzRIP.

Miscarriage Of Justice: Transforming Pain Into #aRT is poetry written during Melissa Balin's personal experience battling Injustices for her known association with Occupy Los Angeles; in the hopes to provide inspiration and edutainment to others challenged by the currently unconstitutional #JustUs system.
Only a limited number of traditional books will be printed as a fundraiser for Women Seeking Justice, instead publishing the work through a series of #OpenSource tweets by @StayOccupied and on magnets exhibited in public places. 

If you would like to make a donation towards the public exhibition of the poetry and fotos on magnets being strategically placed and photographed around the courthouses of all 58 Counties in California, please click the donate button below or feel free to make a paypal donation directly to:  

#TheMessageISTheMedium ;)

For interviews, media requests, or live speaking engagements to promote poetic justice, please e-mail 

Happy Occuversary!


Happy Occuversary! by StayOccupied

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Are You A Class Member?

On June 16, 2014, filmmaker/activist Melissa Balin, filed a Pro Se Complex Civil Class Action Against the City & County of Los Angeles, on behalf of herself and all those similarly situated, Case #BC549174, assigned to Judge Lee Smalley Edmon in Department 322.

If you or someone you know has suffered a miscarriage or involuntary sterilization while in the custody of Los Angeles County;
If you or someone you know has had their competency falsified or a conservatorship falsified in the Los Angeles Mental Health Court (Departments 95 and 95A);

You may be entitled to an investigation and possible reparations for unconscionable human rights violations, and Monell violations since 1994:

Please #ShareYourStory and Forward to any potential class members (or their family members if the class member is deceased), whether they continue to reside in Los Angeles County or elsewhere.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the Truth- Buddha