Monday, April 30, 2012

When Life Gives You Lemons... #LetThemEatCake!

When Life gives you a preponderance of lemons, try to find creative non-violent ways to make a Universal Lesson out of that lemon, and then eat it.  That’s right- when Life gives you lemons- #LetThemEatCake- Lemon cake!  For example in protest against corporate greed and to Put People Before Profits, I’m baking lemon cupcakes in solidarity with the May 1st General Strike and as just one of the many tantalizing perks in our Indie Gogo Stay Occupied fundraising campaign. 

You know, in my home state of California, we have one of the best lemon laws in the nation to protect consumers- if your car is at the dealer for more than three times for the same repair issue they MUST take action.  Too bad we can’t file a lemon law complaint against Congress, huh?

The closest thing we’ve got is the Right to air our grievances and we’d better use it before we lose it!  So Please Register to Vote and demand effective action for a change- in some States like Maine you can register all the way up to the election polls, and in others you must be registerd up to 30 days in advance, so be sure to check your States’ registration deadlines.

Whether you choose to identify yourself or be Anonymous, We Expect YOU to Join Us.  Let your voice be heard.  Air your grievances, and unlike Congress, help us look for meaningful solutions for a sustainable future.  Whether you place your message on a white flag, a tweet or even a #LemonInstagram2Congress, Please remember that the Medium IS the Message and continue to find & SHARE ways to @StayOccupied by any creative non-violent means necessary. 

Power To The Peaceful!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Jack Herer Wants YOU to #Occupy420!

Jack Herer (June 18, 1939-April 15, 2010) was a great civil rights activist who dedicated his life to the ReLegalization of Cannabis Hemp and the Freedom of All Pot Prisoners. He will be forever remembered for his tireless crusade to spread the Truth about the many uses of Hemp and the conspiracy behind its Prohibition, as well as the book he authored on the topic: The Emperor Wears No Clothes

4/20 was named Jack Herer Day last year by High Times Magazine! This year, ANONYMOUS, launched #OpCannabis to #OCCUPY420. In solidarity with #OWS, our commitment to Open Source Media, and in honor of Jack Herer's legacy, we are releasing the short documentary Jack Herer's Emperor Wears No Clothes, co-directed by Jack Herer & Melissa Balin, FREE to the People, via YouTube on 4/20/2012!


Prohibition was based on a series of lies that we have since uncovered, thereby rendering it invalid. We must Rize Up and reverse our false imprisonments. Please spend 4 minutes and 20 seconds to SHARE this 25 minute documentary about the many uses of Hemp and the conspiracy behind its Prohibition, with your social networks around the globe. Let it be known that Hemp Can Save The Planet! Prohibition Is SO Over. Please LIKE, Tweet & Repeat!

To find out what else we can do to DeSchedule Cannabis Today, please visit