Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Mother's Plea To A Wall of Silence

Carmen Trutanich is proud of his arrest and conviction record.

How many of these arrests were falsified like my daughter, filmmaker/activist and investigative journalist, Melissa Balin, on 11/14/2011 and fifteen months later we are still pleading for the dismissal of these falsified charges In The Interest of Justice?

Why was Melissa Balin’s Pitchess motion taken off the calendar and why was this highly intelligent and capable young woman shuffled off to the Mental Health Court; where, after a very brief sham interview, she was found incompetent to stand trial and committed from December 20, 2012 until June 16, 2013?

How is a competent person found incompetent and then found “restored” to competency again one month later with NO forensic evaluations or collateral data review? The Mental Health Court should be investigated including the not so honorable Judge Samantha Jessner.

After being found competent on January 30th by Judge Jessner, Melissa Balin was sent back to criminal court the very next day, January 31, 2013 at 8:30am for falsified misdemeanor charges with the same attorney who knowingly and maliciously curtailed her liberty without cause.

Attorney Tahan refused to file her papers, causing frustration.  Judge Barela denied her media request.  Judge Barela denied her second Marsden motion and refused to allow her to represent herself. Judge Barela refused to put her Pitchess motion back on the calendar AND refused to recuse himself after stating that he was indeed prejudiced.

In the interim, her fired attorney Anthony Tahan shoved her from the back while she was giving testimony to the Judge and yelled “Shut up!” in full view of everyone present in the courtroom, and no one did or said anything.

Finally her papers got filed as she was told by Judge Barela to get out.

I am an American citizen and I feel as though I have experienced domestic terrorism in the Los Angeles Courts. With Judges lying and bullying you out of your rights… with attorneys lying, and the sheriffs and the police lying because that‘s what they are “told to do”…they will do anything to “win” regardless of where the truth lies. And when you attempt to confront them, you are labeled NOT COMPLIANT and they think they can do whatever they please because they have the power and you don’t! They are all OATH TAKERS and they are supposed to be OATH KEEPERS and their first obligation is to serve and protect the citizens. We are ‘assumed’ to be innocent until proven guilty.

Somewhere the process of Justice has taken a strange turn, and the people in charge of protecting and keeping the Constitution For The United States Of America and the California State Constitution of 1849 are not keeping their oaths.

All of these alleged “wins” are happening at the good taxpayers’ expense -ruining families’ lives wasting beyond limited taxpayer resources to fight real crime and violence.

Please investigate Carmen Trutanich and the City Attorney’s office for prosecutorial misconduct.

Please sign & share the petition to #ExonerateMelissaBalin at http://www.change.org/petitions/miscarriage-of-justice 
Join Us in Demanding Justice from virtually wherever you are at: https://www.facebook.com/events/425653347503115/

Rochelle Balin 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Rodriguez-Chomat Should Go F$%#ck Himself!?$#%!

WARNING:  This Blog Is Protected By The First Amendment:
#Chalkupy #TheFirstAmendment #ContemptuousButNotGuilty
The only thing Penelope Soto should be sorry about is that she needed 2 "xannie bars" to feel like Rick Ross and that a pompous old assclown acting under color of law like Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat would be able to subjugate her valiant sovereign spirit so quickly.

You can review the video yourselves above, but keep in mind that according to State v. Bullock (1991, LA) Penelope Soto's gesture would NOT be considered contemptuous as it was in response to colloquy initiated by the Judge, accompanying his violation of her Eighth Amendment right against excessive bail for no apparent reason than that she said "Adios" and did not feel she respected his "authoritay" by gigling... It is worth noting that according to Masinter, 355 So.2d 1288, the power to jail for contempt is given "on the assumption that it will be judiciously and sparingly employed".
But that's not all, Folks:  Knowing full well he had abused his "authoritay" in the damage control in the days following, he proceeds to publicly humiliate the girl under the guise of some "important life lesson" that you can't go around spouting profanity in public forums- REALLY?!  Isn't that RICH?!?!?  Check out the former member of the Miami legislature acting under color of law in 1991:
Read the whole story at:

False arrests and oathkeepers committing perjury and knowing violations of the Constitutions they have sworn to protect and uphold should incite the public's Contempt FOR Court Officials breaking the law with impunity.  Instead the Good People are further punished by their tyranny through egregious acts of excessive bail, continuing mandamus, and Kafkaesque "trials by ordeal" deemed Cruel & Unusual in the times of The Crucible.

If you ever hear Women Seeking Justice say "More Weight", it shall be to place on the scales of Lady Justice FoRe we know her blind eyes are weeping tears of blood like a high school production of King Lear as we wait for her return from behind the closed doors of Judges' chambers while they finish sodomizing her in a #KubrickStyl #ExParte "Partay" they like to call, "#ForcedSex For #JustUS".

We The People #RefuseConsent.  You will no longer receive a salary from taxpayer funds for raping Lady Justice.  All Judges in current violation of Title 18 and Title 42 shall hereby write 1000 words or less on Why You Should Remain In Public Office Or Remove Yourself From Office.

Consider Yourselves Served Bitchess.
ps- We The People are looking forward to seeing Penelope Soto "blinged" out in Rick Ross' next music video
@StayOccupied By Any Creative Non-Violent Means Necessary Penelope Soto!  #InSolidarity.