Saturday, June 29, 2013

Free Political Prisoners in Los Angeles

As residents of Los Angeles, human rights organizers and representatives of organizations from around the globe, we demand:

1. That all charges against Deborah Burton be immediately dropped.
2. A thorough investigation and the rescinding of the faulty evidence presented by Lt. Paulson which eventually led to the charges filed against Deborah Burton, and
3. An end to the aggressive prosecution of human rights defenders.

Organizations across Los Angeles have come together to defend and promote interconnected human rights in our communities. Human rights violations occur on a daily basis. Protest has been at the core of all struggles for Justice. Yet, the assault on political dissent and protest remains an ongoing tactic of the powerful. The City of Los Angeles has a long history of heavy-handedness and violence against people organizing for basic human rights.

Lame-duck City Attorney Carmen Trutanich's malicious prosecution of Deborah Burton--a downtown resident --is part of an ongoing campaign to squash protest and political dissent in Los Angeles.

Deborah Burton's Case:

Deborah, a longtime Los Angeles Communtiy Action Network (LACAN) member and organizer, has been unjustly charged with three counts of assault for alleged actions during a peaceful protest in April 2011. She was not charged until August 2012, 14 months later, and public records show that in the interim months LAPD and the Central City East Association (CCEA) actively lobbied the City Attorney to criminally charge LA CAN members involved in a monthly demonstration of the CCEA’s “Skid Row Walk.”

In one email in April 2011, CCEA associate-- Estela Lopez-- assures her colleagues that the City Attorney informed her that “they would explore all legal options to protect us and allow us to conduct our walk without interference from LA CAN.” In another email sent on June 1, 2011 — the evening of the purported assault — Ms. Lopez confirms they were able to complete their walk “as planned” and never mentions being assaulted or injured by Debora or anyone else from LA CAN.. In a July 2011 email from LAPD’s Lieutenant Paulson, Ms. Lopez tells the City Attorney that she needs information about the filing and documentation of cases related to the public safety walk because “This is going to be an ongoing problem until it gets too costly for them (LA CAN)..”

The case against Deborah Burton is nothing more than a conspiracy, abuse of power, waste of precious resources and the continued targeting of human rights organizers.

Free Deborah Burton and All Political Prisoners!

Los Angeles Human Rights Collective:

Youth Justice Coalition-
Immigrant Youth Coalition-
Dream Team LA-
Union de Vecinos-
Los Angeles Community Action Network-
Los Angeles Anti Eviction Campaign-
Stop LAPD Spying-
Los Angeles Human Right to Housing Collective-
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All POWER 2 The Peaceful-

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#AskSnowden #PeekaBoo #WhereAreYou?

@IAmVegetable @MeatlessMonday #Chinese Eggplant #Recipe provided by #RicardoBee:

& #Grill #LikeAWhistleblower

John Cassidy wrote a wonderful piece for the New Yorker: #WhichSideAreYouOn?

@Nightline is polling tweets for #StandWithSnowden OR #AgainstSnowden...

#DidSnowdenEvenLeaveHongKong?  #AreYouSure???

#IfIWereSnowden... well, We The People, would @StayOccupied & sit right where we were, or maybe in the Ecuadorian embassy of Hong Kong, to see what everybody tweeted and how they reacted and do a little "temperature check" as we like to say out in the field...

#Traitor? #Hero?   Anybody who paid just 1% of attention to the cruel & unusual way that Bradley Manning was and is being treated... sublimated, discredited, demonized, unconstitutionally incarcerated, or even worse, marginalized, in the cases of journalist bloggers Barret Brown and Alisa Spitzberg, or the way our own citizen journalist, Melissa Balin was prosecuted for her whistleblowing against Judge Rene Korn's complicity in a continued practice of biased policy against its sovereign citizens on November 14, 2011, FOR MORE THAN NINETEEN MONTHS until the end of her falsified SIX-MONTH Commitment Order from the unconstitutional Cruel & Unusual court out of Stalin's Playbook also known as Department 95, the ONLY DEDICATED MENTAL HEALTH COURT IN ALL 58 COUNTIES OF CALIFORNIA, RESPONSIBLE FOR A CONSPIRACY TO TRAFFICK MORE THAN 100 BILLION DOLLARS IN VETERAN'S BENEFITS, INDIGENT COUNSEL PAYMENTS, AND MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS, SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 1994; AS WELL AS ONLY G-D KNOWS HOW MANY BILLIONS TRAFFICKED THROUGH THE COURT OF APPEALS, where an imposter posing as Daniel Potter, erroneously designated Balin as a "Sexually Violent Predator", which could only be seen as a joke, and was apologetically "corrected" by supervising clerk Joseph Lane a few weeks later, but at a time when Balin was intended to cross state lines for a Film Festival,  and "SVP" designations are flags for detainment especially in the conservative State of Utah.  How many unpopular defendants have been erroneously given an "SVP" designation to follow them around ceremoniously?  And for the love of everything Holy, Jeffrey Douglas or some other attorney for the #ACLU- what IS the mysterious "Keep-Away Six" designation used by the LA County Sheriffs for "the ones who know their rights alot"?!?!

#ThinkGlobally & #ActLocally.

Perhaps #EdwardSnowden IS in a palace petting a phoenix.  Perhaps he is smoking a Cuban cigar on a boat headed to Iceland... Perhaps ninjas kidnapped him away from Sarah Harrison and he is in a monastery in Tibet awaiting extradition determinations... wherever he is, We hope that he is reflecting, marinating, if you will, on the next stage of dialogue, for regardless of what one thinks of Snowden's awkward travel arrangements in light of a revoked passport and an obvious political refugee defense from Jump Street- he has started an international conversation that cannot be swept under the rug. 

What are your rights?  Do you even know?  What are you willing to give up?  Who IS in Charge of all this information?  What's REALLY going on?  What's this all about?  Nobody wants to be spied on, right?  Or nobody even cares anymore?  Let's talk about it.  But not over meat, it makes people more aggressive... How about we discuss it on a @MeatlessMonday Over #ChineseEggplant, #RedOnions, #RussianBorscht made from #NonGMO #Beets or a side of #CubanMojo because while we discuss these esoteric issues like Privacy, Open Source, and Restoring the Fourth Amendment... there are small children in cities around the world going hungry wondering what we are bickering over.  So let's all remember to #EatMoreVegetables to #EndWorldHunger #WFD2013 and make a donation to @NoKidHungry!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Judge Henry Barela Needs Therapy


     The following transcripts were prepared May 15, 2013 after begging and pleading the courts and Court Reporters via legal counsel, telephone, e-mail and in writing, since December 5, 2012.  They detail the secret Kangaroo Hearings of journalist Melissa Balin, as part of a perverse punishment which could be seen as treating a complainant as an adversary, as these proceedings were initiated against Balin after she had refused to take a plea for a crime she did not commit (Contempt of Court) FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR OF FALSIFIED CHARGES and FALSIFIED INCARCERATIONS RESULTING IN THE MISCARRIAGE OF BALIN'S FIRST PREGNANCY; announced her write-in candidacy for Mayor of Los Angeles on November 7, 2012, and filed her own Writ of Habeas Corpus with the California Supreme Court on November 26, 2012, which was kicked down, denied a stay, and rejected on November 27th, December 5th and December 7th, respectively.
     Meanwhile Back At The Ranch... These Official Court Transcripts, while slightly inaccurate due to human error, whether intentional and malicious, or simply from old age and the passage of time, still indicate a bias and admitted prejudice ("It's prejudiced, I guess." on page D-3 line 12) on the part of Judge Henry Barela.  On December 5, 2012 after an ex-parte teaparty in Judge's chambers and a literal giggling in the Courtroom in full public view between assigning Judge Victor Greenberg and clerks, Judge Henry Barela declared a not-so-sua-sponte doubt as to Balin's Competency to Stand Trial.  In the Stalinesque hearings that ensue, Balin's rights to due process are flagrantly violated while her liberty is curtailed in a manner far greater than if she had remained in the criminal justice system alone, from December 5, 2012 until June 16, 2013.
     On page B-9 lines 18 & 19, Judge Henry Barela states, "I've lived in LA all my life, and I've never been to a shrink."  Perhaps Judge Henry Barela needs therapy before he be allowed to adjudicate another competency ruling in his illustrious career of persecuting sovereign female citizens of child-bearing years?  Someone should let Judge Henry Barela know that "shrink" is a pejorative term that would indicate an inability to remain impartial.  If Judge Henry Barela is the Judge on your case, you can print out this blog and use it as a "cross-complainant" to respectfully suggest that he simply choose to recuse himself based upon 170.3 section iii, for his professed inability to remain impartial in pro per cases.  Autodidacts of the law can write to the California Commission on Judicial Performance to ask for Judge Barela to be publicly disciplined for his abuse of power on the bench.
"He That Violates His Oath Profanes The Divinity Of Faith Itself."  Power To The Peaceful.

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Small Claims Case #LAM-13M00544, "Melissa Balin v. The City of Los Angeles" has been set for trial on October 10, 2013. Even though attorneys aren't supposed to be allowed to file on behalf of a client in Small Claims, Carmen Trutanich, does whatever he wants to Occupy LA, so Balin had to respond to their unlawfully filed Motion to Quash Subpoenas with an Opposition to the Motion to Quash. In an attempt to further the already limited interests of judicial economy, by reducing the time to be consumed in trial, when the main issues at hand remain uncontested by the Defendant; Balin also filed a Notice of Motion and Motion for Summary Adjudication/Judgement in favor of the Moving Party, since the Defendant has not contested ANY of the trial issues at hand, other than that Balin is just "an ordinary citizen". 

In her notarized Statement of Uncontroverted Facts (p. 79-89), we get a clearer sense of the prosecutorial misconduct levied against unpopular defendants in the City of Angels:

Prosecutorial Misconduct Is A Crime.
Colluding with law enforcement and corporate interests to terrorize its own citizens through abusing the court's limited resources under the guise of pursuing a political agenda, could be viewed as a violation of the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act.  In his new book, "MisTrial", the world renowned defense attorney, Mark Geragos, points out that the Criminal Justice System will not change until Prosecutors are no longer afforded impunity for their intentional and malicious prosecutorial misconduct... ah, but without a Johnny Cochran amongst us, who will police the Police?  And who will prosecute the Prosecutors???