Tuesday, May 15, 2012

#Miscarriage Of Justice

Balin still peaceful after 3 unconstitutional arrests.
     Melissa Balin is a filmmaker and activism media producer.  Former producer for Police Officer of the Year Award Show for Court TV, and board member of the Angela Shelton Foundation to empower the survivors of sexual abuse, as well as the Foundation for Orphaned, Abandoned, Disabled, African Children; Balin had never been arrested prior to her known association with the Occupy LA movement and has since been unconstitutionally arrested three times over a thirty day period during the 2011 holiday season.  Balin was taken into the emergency room for treatment of the use of force by sheriffs and/or police while in custody for two of the three arrests, resulting in a miscarriage.  While the City has yet to even begin an investigation into the allegations of police misconduct almost six months ago being the cause of death to the unborn fetus; the City Attorney's office is zealously prosecuting Balin for Misdemeanor charges of Contempt of Court during her first arrest on November 14, 2011, where she was unconstitutionally held in LA County Jail without cause and without even a phone call to notify family or legal counsel for more than 53 hours.
     According to Masinter 355 So.2d 1288, the power to jail for contempt is given "on the assumption that it will be judiciously and sparingly employed".      
     Professionals in the mental health field believe that Balin's healing from the trauma of her miscarriage will continue to be inhibited by the stress and emotional duress of the trial and could cause Balin worsened Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other long-term debilitating mental illness.  May 29th will mark the SIXTH month where the prosecution refuses to bring in the video evidence held by the LA Sheriff’s Department and subpoenaed by the defense in discovery.
     Whether it is your taxpayer dollars being wasted or not, if you are a voting constituent, or prefer to remain Anonymous; please sign this Change.org online petition: http://www.change.org/petitions/miscarriage-of-justice and call, fax, tweet, and/or write, to elected City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich's office, asking him not to pursue this "Miscarriage of Justice" any further.  While Balin's conduct in the courtroom as an identified member of the media may have been improper or unwise, it was not contemptuous or criminal, and the record does not support a finding that she intended to obstruct the proceedings.  Based on lack of sufficient evidence, and in the interest of Justice, ask the City Attorney to please drop all charges against filmmaker Melissa Balin in Case #1CA16847-02.

MAIL:                                        The Office of the City Attorney
 800 City Hall East
 200 N. Main Street
 Los Angeles, CA 90012
TELEPHONE:  213.978.8100       FAX:  213.978.8312
TWITTER:  @TRU09                     e-mail: trutanich4da@gmail.com
We Thank You for your time and attention to this matter of great importance to Justice For All.

ANONYMOUS In Solidarity.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012