Monday, October 17, 2011

Open Letter To The Global Community

Dear Global Community:

We address you from the steps of City Hall at OccupyLA ( where a volunteer production team is filming #CelebsOccupyLA & #DemandsForChange uncensored in 3-D ( based on Shepard Fairey's Vote For Change campaign (  

Last week, City Council voted in favor of Resolution 33 to support the People's Rights to peaceably assemble and exercise their First Amendment Rights- the first city of over 2,000 participating occupations to do so- we would love for you to be a part of this peaceful demonstration of Power To The People.  Huffington Post & The Hollywood Reporter are already covering those feeding the revolution through #LetThemEatCake ( - 

Please send us an e-mail to if we could work something out to bring Power to the People and unity to the neighborhood - for example, Groundworks is going to do a coffee service for the 100% every morning to continue the dialogue between the revolutionaries , the LAPD, and the people who live and work around City Hall.

Your brand or business can be involved on any number of levels, from weekly celebrity fundraising cocktail mixers; to actually feeding the revolutionaries, or simply to join the "Stay Occupied" Affinity Group of community businesses supporting the global revolution for a sustainable means to a better world, by providing a discount to the "99%ers".  It is going to take 100% of us In Solidarity to make positive change.

Thanks for your time and consideration of this matter of great importance to us all.  


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