Monday, October 22, 2012

Save The Unborn Children Of Lynwood!

We who support this petition find it unacceptable that unborn children are being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment at the Lynwood Century Regional Detention Facility. The unconstitutional treatment of pregnant women incarcerated in Los Angeles County has resulted in an untold number of deaths and unlawful termination of pregnancies directly and indirectly caused by Sheriff misconduct. Many of these cases of excessive force, even those severe enough to end in a trip to the hospital, as in the case of filmmaker Melissa Balin, continue to remain uninvestigated.

While there is no remedy for the unborn fetus of Melissa Balin, We call upon the highest courts to hear Writs of Habeas Corpus for the immediate release of any and all pregnant women currently incarcerated. In any future arrests of pregnant woman and those awaiting trial, especially in the cases of non-violent offenses, we ask the courts to issue commuted sentences, to ensure a safe and loving gestation period for the innocent unborn child. Such an environment is clearly not possible in the correctional system that the ACLU recently described in a report, as being run by a "savage gang of deputies".  
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