Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Please #VOTE & #WriteIN #MelissaBalin4Mayor #TODAY in #LA

Greetings From Around The Circumference Of The Saucer! We hope this finds you well and enjoying all the promise that living beyond the Mayan calendar brings!

Please SHARE with any friends who may be LA Registered Voters that TODAY March 5, 2013, is the election primary and they have a unique opportunity to Write-In the Totally Radical filmmaker & activist, Melissa "white chocolate" Balin for the position of Mayor of Los Angeles!  Only 11% of registered voters are expected to show out today, so we have a real opportunity to upset the proverbial apple cart here without jeopardizing our fine city in any real way before the elections in May ;)

Click here to watch her candidate statement on LA City View Channel 35:

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It is worth noting for both comic effect and in honor of #ExposingTheTruth, that in light of the recent dismissal of falsified criminal Contempt of Court charges against Melissa Balin on February 27, 2013 after FIFTEEN MONTHS of cruel & unusual persecution by City Attorney candidate Carmen Trutanich (PLEASE DO NOT RE-ELECT THIS CRIMINAL CURRENTLY UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION FOR FLAGRANT MALFEASANCES OF JUSTICE IN COLLUSION WITH LA CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS AND THE CURRENT MAYOR VILLARAIGOSA); Balin may be your LEAST CRIMINAL CHOICE FOR CITY HALL!

Stay Positive & Stay Occupied By Any Creative Non-Violent Means Necessary. 
Please Consider making a donation to @NoKidHungry in the name of Team Balin4Mayor at:

YOUR Biggest Fan,
Melissa "white chocolate" Balin approves this message ;)
323.839.0149 cell


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