Friday, May 17, 2013

Dear Mr. Ombudsman

Dear Mr. Ombudsman:
We request you follow along this one-

We The People demand a formal investigation
And hope you will respond without hesitation,
Into the cruel & unusual treatment of the Unborn Children of
Lynwood Correctional Facility,
and any child’s developed impedement,
of Mothers Incarcerated While They Were Under the Age of Three…

It is well-documented that the Sheriffs of LA County are cliques of sadomasochistic gangs, in whose hands the medical care and safety of pregnant women hangs…
It is more than twenty-two months without any bastion,
let alone even a question,
raised to journalist Melissa Balin’s own treatment,
only records closed, Pitchess hearings postponed,
appeals met with deletement…
And How impartial can we expect them to be?  
With their Office of Investigative Review sharing urinals and coffee daily?

Clearly even writing to you is a joke,
With Sheriff Baca himself at the yoke
Of some of the greatest crimes against humanity
Committed by hands of baseless depravity
Thinking that no one will notice a few indigents missing
Especially unpopular defendants wearing heirloom pendants
Or young black girls released in the middle of the night;
The tired and defenseless, who won’t put up much of a fight…

Today, We ask you to take your job a little more seriously
And not dismiss these allegations of excessive force spuriously;
With or without you #theTruth will start to “out” in ways #mostcurious
So, Please honor your oath to protect & serve BOTH…

Most Respectfully,
-Unum E Pluribus

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