Monday, February 9, 2015

#Walk2Know Is A Great Way 2 #StayOccupied

Not Telling People What’s In Their Food?

See, We’re Not Doing That.
Not Even Pursuing That
I see you wearing your how much interest’s accruing hat-
But It Just Wouldn’t Be Ethical Doing That.
So We’ll Agree To Not Even Purviewing That.

With A Show of How Far We’re All Willing To Go
For OUR #RightToKnow
On T-shirts and Car Magnets and Shoelaces Tied in a Bow…
We Pledge Miles to the Cause Wherever We Go
You Can Find Us Under the Hashtag #TeamWalk2Know
It’s True We Don’t Have Anywhere Near The Dough of Monsanto
But Our Strength Is In Numbers, #Trending An Undertow

Besides- There’s No Real Reason Not To Be FOR It,
Between Us On The Low-
Whatever Science Isn’t Sure Yet, We Say WOAH- WOAH- WOAH!
Even Monsanto’s Executives Kids
Have The Shared Right To Know
What’s Inside Their Food Or From What Ground Did It Grow?

It’s Not That We’re “ANTI” Synthetic-
Just That It Would Be Pathetic To Label It “Natural”
And We Want Congress To Know That We Won’t Accept No
And If They Fail To Respond We’ll Serve Them a Warranto Quo
This Is Not A Partisan Issue Split Friend Or Foe
But It Does Threaten
To Turn Out Like Some Tale by Edgar Allen Poe
If the Raven that quoth “Nevermore” in OUR story
GMO’d into a Crow…

So, We Support Taylor Lancaster in the #Walk2Know
As he heads to the East and off towards the Snow
Exercising Our Right To Let People Know
About YOUR Right To Know
Whether your last name is Biden
or you’re a plumber named Joe.
It’s Not Just Our Farmers Who Reap What They Sow.
Pesticides Don’t Just Stay On The Lawn That You Mow
We Want To Know Which Ingredients Are Which
And Some People Have Allergies SO…

Just #LabelIt
And Stop Having A HissyFit. 
People Still Eat McDonald’s Fries
& Knowing That List Of Chemical Ingredients
Doesn’t Deter Them One Bit.

Whatever A Product Is Made Of On The Label MUST Show.
Give Thanks To All Who Observe Our Natural Right To Know.

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