Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chalkupy #Hopscotch4Justice

On January 23, 2013 #hopscotch4Justice was launched at the #OLA General Assembly by Affinity Group, @StayOccupied

Join our Strategic Partnership with CopBlock, Women Seeking Justice, Sovereign Citizens United, and Occupy Everywhere in our oath to protect & serve the Constitution for The United States of America and the California State Constitution of 1849, in conducting the first California Pitchess Motion By The People For The People.

It would appear that the only people who seem to truly believe they are above the law, are government officials and law enforcement officers who are breaking the law with impunity and facing NO disciplinary actions other than slight public embarrassment.  In the wake of the wrongful death of Aaron Swartz, we maintain that Prosecutorial Misconduct is the only real crime here.

Chalk=FreeSpeech.  We offer the simple concept that navigating through the Justice System of 2013 should be approached like a hopscotch game for your inner child.  You must hop & skip and be careful not to touch the lines and pick up your marker and move it along, without anything actually happening besides you hopping and skipping back & forth.  Often when a malfeasance of Justice occurs, it takes much more than one prosecutor to make the giant cogs turn in the machine that is trying to crush you alive under its weight ala The Crucible.

Give your inner child a sense of GLEE!  Upload your chalk pix of the pieces to your own justice puzzles on our @StayOccupied Pinterest Board #Hopscotch4Justice, so that others may cross-reference your claims with their own, and see how many "Bad Lieutenants" have exhibited a continual pattern or propensity to use excessive force, falsify reports, or perjure themselves under oath... you, know, the usual stuff that never gets investigated.

The Day of Reckoning is ARRIVED.  Welcome to the #BloodlessRevolution of whistle-blowing!  Let's just "chalk it up" to the end of a #RampantRampartEra, shall we?

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