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#TooCompetent To Stand Trial in Kangaroo Court?

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INJUSTICE ALERT: Press Conference Hosted by Women Seeking Justice!
Rochelle Balin & daughter Melissa at Cannes

WHEN: Friday, January 4, 2013   7:30AM PT

WHERE: Public Sidewalks surrounding
Division 95 Mental Competency Court
1150 North San Fernando Rd.
LA, CA 90065

WHY:  Actress & Life Coach, Rochelle Balin, asks all citizens to join her in protecting the First Amendment & Freedom Of The Press.  She will give a prepared statement to the  public regarding the unconstitutional incarcerations and continuing cruel & unusual punishment of her filmmaker/activist daughter, Melissa Balin. Rochelle Balin will be joined by others who will speak on the First Amendment violations of citizen journalists further worsened by police brutality and court collusion; “We must shine a light on this In Solidarity or they will silence all of us.”
On December 20, 2012, MENSA member, Melissa Balin, was declared “Not Competent To Stand Trial” in Case #1CA16847-02. Judge Samantha Jessner made the ruling without ANY substantiated evidence OR ANY review of collateral data from the year-long misdemeanor case, which involves falsified Contempt of Court charges and egregious constitutional violations of Due Process.
January 4th will be the first of Melissa Balin’s court-ordered Six-Month MAXIMUM SENTENCE of weekly “competency training” sessions, resulting in a far greater curtailment of Balin’s liberty than if she had remained in the criminal justice system.
Free Cupcakes will be provided to all who Stand #InSolidarity with The First Amendment! If you cannot attend the INJUSTICE ALERT Press Conference in person, please sign & share the petition to #ExonerateMelissaBalin.

ABOUT MELISSA BALIN: Melissa Balin is a filmmaker/activist best known for ghostwriting the urban hit, “I Got The Hook-Up”, and co-directing the grassroots 2008 Vote For Change Video Postcard Campaign with the iconic Shepard Fairey, that helped elect Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. Balin is also well-known for producing copious public service campaigns, as well as segments for The Police Officer of The Year Award Show for Court TV, and serving on the Board of Directors for both The Angela Shelton Foundation to empower survivors of sexual abuse, and The Foundation For Orphaned, Abandoned, Disabled, African Children (FOADAC). Balin has been a proud Union member in the Screen Actors’ Guild since the age of 5. Melissa Balin had NEVER been arrested prior to her known association with the Occupy Movement, and was unconstitutionally arrested and incarcerated three times over a thirty day period in 2011, resulting in a miscarriage of her first pregnancy. Melissa is the daughter of actors Rochelle & Richard Balin; niece of the late humanitarian moviestar Ina Balin, and sister to editor Brandon Balin & music supervisor Rebecca Balin.

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