Thursday, August 13, 2015


It's A Bummer We Even Have To Dedicate A Summer To Justice
But The Thrust Is
That Justice For Just Us
Simply Doesn't Become Us
So Let's Take Stock Of Just What Has Become Of Us...

To Rally For Justice For All Is A Must
But Rather Than Just To Complain, You Can Trust
We'll Actually Address HOW The System Went Bust
& We Don't Mean That Euphemistically,
We'll Tell You With Gust:
The Evidence Is Real-
Survivors Will Tell You With Zeal
So Why Does It NEVER Get Heard In The Court Of Appeals?
Or Perhaps You Meant The Court Of Appellate?
Just What IS The Difference By How They Would Tell It?
And Was It Within Lethal Range When LEO Shot That Beanbag Pellet?
Just What IS A Judge's Cafeteria Payment? 
And No I'm NOT Yelling-
But It Sure Sounds Like The First Amendment You're Selling...
And Now... 

I'm Being Removed...
Excessive Force...
And Now I'm Being Abused...
Denied My Right To A Phone Call Now I'm Being Confused...
I Want My Mommy And Lawyer And Now I'm Being REFUSED...
Now I'm ReFramed & ReCaptioned Front Page Of The News
Not Brought To Court Till There's No More Sign Of A Bruise
You Don't Have To Read The Constitution To See Through The Ruse
Of A Prison Industrial Complex Privatized- Correctional Officers Sanctioning Lies,
Obstructing Of Justice Whenever Someone In Custody Dies...
Meanwhile Public Schools Are A Joke
And Why Do They Keep Sending Our Underprivileged Youth To The Poke?
You Still Say You Don't See The Connection?!
How We Care For The Most Vulnerable IS Our Own Reflection.

Well, We're Not Gonna Fall For It
OR Build Another Prison Wall For It
What Do You Mean We Already Did???
What Do You Mean Since Rumsfeld Was A Kid???
What Do You Mean Detroit Sold To China 
And No One Else Was Allowed Even To Bid???
Okay Maybe Not That Last Part, 
But May My Rhyming Be A Mouse Fart
In The Akashic Record, Still Audibly There-
Somewhere After Sartre, Our Existence Laid Bare-
Are You Listening?
Can You See Opportunity Glistening?

We Refuse Consent To This.
We'll Resist Without A Fist
And The Offenders Will Simply Cease And Desist.
You Wonder, But How Could That Be?
& What IS The Twist?

Instead Of A War Of Tugging, It's A Tug Of Peace:
The Best Way To Win Is To Simply Release.
With The Beauty Of This, 
That The Weight Of The Beast And Their Burden
Will Knock Them Right Off Their Own Feet!
Karmic Retribution Never Tasted So Sweet.
Persist O Ye Righteous
On The Field We Shall Meet
Marching Alongside Thousands Of Feet
Awaiting For A Count Of One, Two, And Three...
We The People - That'd Be You And Me,
Standing Tall, Passing A Torch Or A Ball,
We'll Exercise Our Dominion Before The Whispers Of Fall
THIS Summer We Right Justice For One And For All.

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