Friday, September 25, 2015

#JudicialImmunityIsALemon #FreeEddyLepp!

#FreeEddyLepp #JudicialImmunityIsALemon 

Rev. Eddy Lepp is a Vietnam Veteran and an Interfaith Rastafaian Minister who is currently serving an Unconstitutional Mandatory Minimum ten year Federal sentence for one of the largest Religious and Medical Marijuana Gardens in California As Protected Under California Proposition 215 Since 1996.  Eddy's case was one of many where the Federal Government tried to make an example out of him and abused limited taxpayer resources in a malicious prosecution.  

At his sentencing hearing in May of 2009, US District Court Judge Marilyn Patel said Lepp could apply for a rehearing if the laws changed. ( the laws DID change and farmers with the same size medical crops in Colorado and Washington were not facing Federal charges, Reverend Eddy Lepp filed a Writ Of Habeas Corpus.  A writ of habeas corpus (literally to "produce the body") is a court order to a person (prison warden) or agency (institution) holding someone in custody to deliver the imprisoned individual to the court issuing the order (

It is worth noting that the Federal Government spends an inordinate amount of limited resources on Unconstitutional policies that involve moving prisoners intra-State in order to segregate them away from any existing support system of friends and family; and no expense had been spared to move the well-loved activist from Lompoc, California to Texas and then later to Colorado; but for UNEXPLAINED REASONS EDDY LEPP'S CORPUS WAS NEVER HABEASED BACK TO CALIFORNIA and a California Judge held Lepp's Habeas Corpus hearing WITHOUT HIM PRESENT WHICH IS WILDLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL.  

Here are Rev. Eddy Lepp's own words from prison about the Judicial System as posted to the Free Eddy Lepp Facebook Page ( on September 24, 2015, as he is currently being withheld proper medical care under Unconstitutional conditions: 
"Looking at this from a prisoners point of view , I can see many problems in and with the way things are being done. To begin with the people doing this the Judges who have had their hands tied by congress so they cant be fair but must follow guidelines which are way out of line. A child molester get 5 to 10 years max as a rule murders get 10 to 15 (unless their terrorist) Years, White collar crimes get 3 or 4 years (Unless their Bernie Maidoff) While drug offenders commonly receive 10 to life??? Sadly the way over 90% of all federal inmates end up in here is because they are forced to take a deal. The USAG's threaten them with 20 to life but will let them take a deal for 10. Almost none of our high paid public servants could win a trial if they tried because they have little or no experience in the court rooms. Many of the US att;s office have only a few trial capable Att,s, The Cop's are worse they couldn't catch a mouse stealing cheese, Again over 90% of all criminal cases are the results of a informant, The cops scare the S@#& out of them reinforced by the USAG's so they give up names of all kinds of people many they may only have been seen once, then the Feds take the one time deal which happened years ago and charge that the same amount or more was sold each day or week for the whole time resulting in people being charged with selling several hundred or thousand pounds when it in fact never happened. It is time we as a people forced Our duly Sworn servants to do their Jobs not depend on those outside of their professions to do their jobs for them it is said that if everyone would refuse the deal that the court system would shut down in 30 days or the Feds would stop all the BS prosecutions, Im sure I could go on much longer but I believe you get the Point the system is broke and needs to be fixed one way or another, So please let our REP,S Know we want,need, and demand postive change fair across the board to one and all."

Please Leave a Comment, Sign And Share the #JudicialImmunityIsALemon petition at in honor of Rev. Eddy Lepp, asking Congress to Investigate Abuses of Judicial Immunity on behalf of all Prisoners of the Unconstitutional War On Drugs.  


  1. ---FREE EDDY LEPP--- and all the other non violent VICTIMS in this insane "war on drugs" which is truly just a war against the people.

  2. It's more than just a war on drugs, its a war against the people. The courts violated my 1st, 5th, 7th and 14th Amendment rights. If WE THE PEOPLE what change we need to VOTE OUT ALL THE INCUMBENTS IN CONGRESS and keep voting them out UNTILL they restore our voice and rights.