Sunday, June 2, 2013


Small Claims Case #LAM-13M00544, "Melissa Balin v. The City of Los Angeles" has been set for trial on October 10, 2013. Even though attorneys aren't supposed to be allowed to file on behalf of a client in Small Claims, Carmen Trutanich, does whatever he wants to Occupy LA, so Balin had to respond to their unlawfully filed Motion to Quash Subpoenas with an Opposition to the Motion to Quash. In an attempt to further the already limited interests of judicial economy, by reducing the time to be consumed in trial, when the main issues at hand remain uncontested by the Defendant; Balin also filed a Notice of Motion and Motion for Summary Adjudication/Judgement in favor of the Moving Party, since the Defendant has not contested ANY of the trial issues at hand, other than that Balin is just "an ordinary citizen". 

In her notarized Statement of Uncontroverted Facts (p. 79-89), we get a clearer sense of the prosecutorial misconduct levied against unpopular defendants in the City of Angels:

Prosecutorial Misconduct Is A Crime.
Colluding with law enforcement and corporate interests to terrorize its own citizens through abusing the court's limited resources under the guise of pursuing a political agenda, could be viewed as a violation of the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act.  In his new book, "MisTrial", the world renowned defense attorney, Mark Geragos, points out that the Criminal Justice System will not change until Prosecutors are no longer afforded impunity for their intentional and malicious prosecutorial misconduct... ah, but without a Johnny Cochran amongst us, who will police the Police?  And who will prosecute the Prosecutors???

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  1. Johnny Cochran represented Judge Charles Boags in his corruption trial. Years later, Charles's son and co conspirator, Martin Boags, became a key player in Trutanich's regime. Martin Boags's victims didn't have the luxury of having a team of lawyers, one of them, Cochran. I wonder if there has ever been a decent defense attorney in L.A county. What they are allowing to happen in the L.A Superior Court is astounding. Defense lawyers are throwing the cases left and right . There is a need for whisteblowers. There is no excuse for the defense bar's silence in the face of such massive corruption. If you google Martin Boags and obituary it does appear that Karma is doing some spooky things to deeply evil individuals such as Martin Boags.