Tuesday, June 25, 2013

#AskSnowden #PeekaBoo #WhereAreYou?

@IAmVegetable @MeatlessMonday #Chinese Eggplant #Recipe provided by #RicardoBee:

& #Grill #LikeAWhistleblower

John Cassidy wrote a wonderful piece for the New Yorker: #WhichSideAreYouOn?

@Nightline is polling tweets for #StandWithSnowden OR #AgainstSnowden...

#DidSnowdenEvenLeaveHongKong?  #AreYouSure???

#IfIWereSnowden... well, We The People, would @StayOccupied & sit right where we were, or maybe in the Ecuadorian embassy of Hong Kong, to see what everybody tweeted and how they reacted and do a little "temperature check" as we like to say out in the field...

#Traitor? #Hero?   Anybody who paid just 1% of attention to the cruel & unusual way that Bradley Manning was and is being treated... sublimated, discredited, demonized, unconstitutionally incarcerated, or even worse, marginalized, in the cases of journalist bloggers Barret Brown and Alisa Spitzberg, or the way our own citizen journalist, Melissa Balin was prosecuted for her whistleblowing against Judge Rene Korn's complicity in a continued practice of biased policy against its sovereign citizens on November 14, 2011, FOR MORE THAN NINETEEN MONTHS until the end of her falsified SIX-MONTH Commitment Order from the unconstitutional Cruel & Unusual court out of Stalin's Playbook also known as Department 95, the ONLY DEDICATED MENTAL HEALTH COURT IN ALL 58 COUNTIES OF CALIFORNIA, RESPONSIBLE FOR A CONSPIRACY TO TRAFFICK MORE THAN 100 BILLION DOLLARS IN VETERAN'S BENEFITS, INDIGENT COUNSEL PAYMENTS, AND MENTAL HEALTH BENEFITS, SINCE ITS INCEPTION IN 1994; AS WELL AS ONLY G-D KNOWS HOW MANY BILLIONS TRAFFICKED THROUGH THE COURT OF APPEALS, where an imposter posing as Daniel Potter, erroneously designated Balin as a "Sexually Violent Predator", which could only be seen as a joke, and was apologetically "corrected" by supervising clerk Joseph Lane a few weeks later, but at a time when Balin was intended to cross state lines for a Film Festival,  and "SVP" designations are flags for detainment especially in the conservative State of Utah.  How many unpopular defendants have been erroneously given an "SVP" designation to follow them around ceremoniously?  And for the love of everything Holy, Jeffrey Douglas or some other attorney for the #ACLU- what IS the mysterious "Keep-Away Six" designation used by the LA County Sheriffs for "the ones who know their rights alot"?!?!

#ThinkGlobally & #ActLocally.

Perhaps #EdwardSnowden IS in a palace petting a phoenix.  Perhaps he is smoking a Cuban cigar on a boat headed to Iceland... Perhaps ninjas kidnapped him away from Sarah Harrison and he is in a monastery in Tibet awaiting extradition determinations... wherever he is, We hope that he is reflecting, marinating, if you will, on the next stage of dialogue, for regardless of what one thinks of Snowden's awkward travel arrangements in light of a revoked passport and an obvious political refugee defense from Jump Street- he has started an international conversation that cannot be swept under the rug. 

What are your rights?  Do you even know?  What are you willing to give up?  Who IS in Charge of all this information?  What's REALLY going on?  What's this all about?  Nobody wants to be spied on, right?  Or nobody even cares anymore?  Let's talk about it.  But not over meat, it makes people more aggressive... How about we discuss it on a @MeatlessMonday Over #ChineseEggplant, #RedOnions, #RussianBorscht made from #NonGMO #Beets or a side of #CubanMojo because while we discuss these esoteric issues like Privacy, Open Source, and Restoring the Fourth Amendment... there are small children in cities around the world going hungry wondering what we are bickering over.  So let's all remember to #EatMoreVegetables to #EndWorldHunger #WFD2013 and make a donation to @NoKidHungry!

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