Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Judge Henry Barela Needs Therapy


     The following transcripts were prepared May 15, 2013 after begging and pleading the courts and Court Reporters via legal counsel, telephone, e-mail and in writing, since December 5, 2012.  They detail the secret Kangaroo Hearings of journalist Melissa Balin, as part of a perverse punishment which could be seen as treating a complainant as an adversary, as these proceedings were initiated against Balin after she had refused to take a plea for a crime she did not commit (Contempt of Court) FOR MORE THAN ONE YEAR OF FALSIFIED CHARGES and FALSIFIED INCARCERATIONS RESULTING IN THE MISCARRIAGE OF BALIN'S FIRST PREGNANCY; announced her write-in candidacy for Mayor of Los Angeles on November 7, 2012, and filed her own Writ of Habeas Corpus with the California Supreme Court on November 26, 2012, which was kicked down, denied a stay, and rejected on November 27th, December 5th and December 7th, respectively.
     Meanwhile Back At The Ranch... These Official Court Transcripts, while slightly inaccurate due to human error, whether intentional and malicious, or simply from old age and the passage of time, still indicate a bias and admitted prejudice ("It's prejudiced, I guess." on page D-3 line 12) on the part of Judge Henry Barela.  On December 5, 2012 after an ex-parte teaparty in Judge's chambers and a literal giggling in the Courtroom in full public view between assigning Judge Victor Greenberg and clerks, Judge Henry Barela declared a not-so-sua-sponte doubt as to Balin's Competency to Stand Trial.  In the Stalinesque hearings that ensue, Balin's rights to due process are flagrantly violated while her liberty is curtailed in a manner far greater than if she had remained in the criminal justice system alone, from December 5, 2012 until June 16, 2013.
     On page B-9 lines 18 & 19, Judge Henry Barela states, "I've lived in LA all my life, and I've never been to a shrink."  Perhaps Judge Henry Barela needs therapy before he be allowed to adjudicate another competency ruling in his illustrious career of persecuting sovereign female citizens of child-bearing years?  Someone should let Judge Henry Barela know that "shrink" is a pejorative term that would indicate an inability to remain impartial.  If Judge Henry Barela is the Judge on your case, you can print out this blog and use it as a "cross-complainant" to respectfully suggest that he simply choose to recuse himself based upon 170.3 section iii, for his professed inability to remain impartial in pro per cases.  Autodidacts of the law can write to the California Commission on Judicial Performance to ask for Judge Barela to be publicly disciplined for his abuse of power on the bench.
"He That Violates His Oath Profanes The Divinity Of Faith Itself."  Power To The Peaceful.


  1. Judge Henry Barela needs so much more than Therapy.He needs a soul! This is so explosive and yet.... whaaaaaaaaaa..... why isn't this the biggest news? Uhmmm.... " You don't know your place," as reason for 15 months of loss of liberty etc? So Nurse Ratchet. So Stalin. So UNAMERICAN> Unreal but real. Like this page and have others too.
    https://www.facebook.com/pages/Journalist-Michael-Hastings-appreciation-and-speculation/558263514216052 I am too disgusted to reach out to anyone just now.

  2. Also kudos for getting these transcripts free. I have to pay 3k plus to get those I need. One day. Oy vay.

  3. I have judge Barila in a similar situation. However, since I am the former Director of Policy for CORE-CA I know the law and now with this have judge Barila where we need him, in the squeeze box of law.